Feeling More Like Winter

Rio Grande Valley:

It finally feels more like winter in the Rio Grande Valley.  A cold day under overcast skies really made it feel like getting underneath a warm blanket and just let the day pass by.  Temperatures stayed in the lower 40s in the western Valley.  McAllen hit 45 as a high today; 49 was the afternoon high in Harlingen; Brownsville was the warm spot reaching 58 today.  Tonight, will be another chilly one, but staying above freezing because of the cloud cover.  I expect tonight’s lows to be in the mid-30s in Starr County, lower-to-mid 40s in Hidalgo County, and lower 50s near the coast.  Winds will remain out of the north and northeast at 5-10 mph.

(1/13): On Thursday, high temperatures will flirt with the 50 degree mark in the mid and lower Valley, upper 40s in the upper Valley. Skies will be cloudy with a chance of light drizzle and rain throughout the day.  Winds will be out of the north and northeast again at 10 mph.  Thursday night will be mostly cloudy with a slight chance of light showers with lows in the lower-to-upper 40s.

(1/14): For Friday, the arctic high pressure centered in KS will continue moving east, and as this occurs, this will shift our winds out of the southeast and bring in warmer weather.  Skies will remain cloudy due to upper-level moisture and lower level moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.  In fact, a greater shot (30%) of precipitation is expected for Friday afternoon.  Afternoon highs will be in the lower-to-mid 60s.  Friday night looks to be cloudy, with a 40% chance of showers.  Lows will be in the lower 50s.

(1/15): A shortwave trough at 500mb is expected to bring in moisture advection on Saturday. Thus, an increase of showers and even thunderstorms is expected, especially during the evening hours.  Afternoon highs will be in the upper 60s/lower 70s in most areas in the RGV.  Winds will be out of the southeast at 10-15 mph.  Increased chance (60%) for storms on Saturday night, as the shortwave trough moves over the area. Lows will be in the lower 60s/upper 50s.

Forecast for Edinburg, TX:

(1/13): 49/41…winds out of the northeast at 10 mph…20% chance of drizzle

(1/14): 62/44…winds out of the southeast at 10-15 mph…30% chance of light rain (day), 40% chance of rain (night)

(1/15): 68/55..winds out of the southeast at 5-10 mph….50% chance of rain/storms (day), 60% chance of rain/storms (night)

Rest of the Nation:

Briefing Synopsis:

High pressure at the surface dominates much of the Central United States, which is keeping things quiet weather wise.  An upper-level shortwave trough, visible at 500mb, is moving over the Pacific Northwest, and is associated with a surface low that is bringing rain near the coast of WA and OR and snow in the higher elevations.  This disturbance is expected to continue moving east into ID and MT, bringing them snow.  Models continue bringing in moisture from the Pacific into WA, OR, and northern CA over the next few days, that might bring flood issues to the areas who have previously received rain and winter storm warnings to areas who have seen snow.

The two surface lows that merged into one single low is now just south of ME and continues to move north and east, dumping inches and even feet of snow in areas.  This system should be out of the CONUS in the next 30-36 hours, but not before it continues bringing havoc to the Northeast.

Here are some snowfall totals since 9 a.m. EST Sunday through 3 p.m. EST today from The Hydrological Prediction Center:

NORTH HAVEN                          29.5
NEW FAIRFIELD                        28.0
WOODBURY                             28.0
CORNWALL                             27.0
NEW BRITAIN                          23.4
BRISTOL                              23.0
HADDAM                               23.0
MANCHESTER                           23.0
WINDSOR LOCKS                        22.5
RIDGEFIELD                           22.0
STAFFORDVILLE                        22.0
OXFORD                               20.0
DANBURY                              17.9
EAST KILLINGLY                       16.8
NORWALK                              16.0                     

SAVOY                                29.5
PLAINFIELD                           25.5
PITTSFIELD                           22.0
AGAWAM                               21.5
SHREWSBURY                           19.0
TOPSFIELD                            17.0
ROWE                                 15.0
SOUTHBRIDGE                          14.0
WORTHINGTON                          14.0
SPRINGFIELD                          13.7
AMHERST                              12.6
EAST BOSTON                          11.6
WILMINGTON                           11.5
WORCESTER                            11.0
TAUNTON                              10.0                     

LISBON                               16.0
LEWISTON                             14.0
NAPLES                               14.0
STANDISH 2 SSW                       14.0
CASCO                                13.0
HOLLIS 5 NW                          12.0
DURHAM 2 ENE                         10.6
AUGUSTA 1 E                          10.5
PORTLAND                              9.2
YORK 1 E                              9.0
BLUE HILL 1 NNE                       7.0
BROOKSVILLE 3 W                       5.0
ELLSWORTH 3 S                         4.5
TREMONT 3 NNE                         4.0
WESTBROOK 1 ESE                       3.8                     

HAMPSTEAD                            16.5
NASHUA                               15.7
LONDONDERRY                          15.3
EAST LEMPSTER                        15.0
MANCHESTER                           15.0
DERRY                                14.5
KEENE                                14.1
LACONIA                              14.1
MOULTONBOROUGH 4 S                   12.5
SALISBURY                            12.0
SOMERSWORTH                          12.0
GILFORD 3 S                          10.0
SOUTH HUDSON                          9.5
MILFORD                               9.0
NEW LONDON                            8.0                     

...NEW YORK...
SELDEN                               19.3
DOVER PLAINS                         18.0
CENTERPORT                           16.2
SOMERS                               16.0
CANAAN                               15.5
ISLIP                                15.1
CARMEL                               13.5
LEVITTOWN                            13.2
BEDFORD PARK                         12.1
NORTHPORT                            12.0
UPTON                                11.8
ROTTERDAM                            11.0
TUXEDO PARK                          10.0
ALBANY 1 SW                           9.3
CENTRAL PARK                          9.1
BROOKLYN HEIGHTS                      8.8
WOODSIDE                              7.0                     

SOMERSET                             15.0
CHANDLERS VALLEY                     13.0
CHALKHILL 2 ENE                      10.0
EMPORIUM                             10.0
COUDERSPORT                           9.0
SAGAMORE 1 NW                         8.0
MORRISVILLE                           7.9
SCHELLSBURG                           7.0
SOMERTON                              7.0
KING OF PRUSSIA                       6.3
DREXEL HILL                           6.2
TRAPPE                                5.3
WYNWOOD ESTATES                       5.3
PHILADELPHIA                          5.2
ALLENTOWN                             4.1                     

WEST GLOCESTER                       17.5
SCITUATE                             16.0
COVENTRY                             15.0
NORTH FOSTER                         14.4
LINCOLN                              14.0
WEST GREENWICH                       12.0
PAWTUCKET                            11.5
CHARLESTOWN                          10.8
WEST WARWICK                         10.0
BARRINGTON                            7.0
PROVIDENCE                            6.0                     

WOODFORD                             26.0
MARLBORO                             16.1
NORTH SPRINGFIELD 3 SSW              12.0
RUTLAND                              10.0
STOWE                                 8.0
NASHVILLE 1 ESE                       5.6
SOUTH BURLINGTON                      2.8                     

FRENCH CREEK 2 SE                    21.0
SNOWSHOE                             12.0
ELKINS 1 N                           10.0
LESTON                                9.0
BELINGTON                             8.0
DAVIS 3 SE                            7.4
ALBRIGHT                              6.0
FRIARS HILL                           5.0
LENORE 2 SE                           5.0
MORGANTOWN                            4.5
MCMECHEN 6 E                          4.2
BECKLEY                               4.0
CYCLONE 2 NNE                         4.0
HUNTINGTON                            3.0         
*Courtesy of the Hydrological Prediction Center (HPC)*

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