RGV, Chance Of Rain Saturday

Here were today’s high and low temperatures at the 3 ASOS stations in the RGV:

Brownsville:  68/41
Harlingen:  68/38
McAllen:  68/40

Sunshine was abundant today with the exception of a few high clouds in the sky.  Winds were generally out of the east or southeast.  Expect clear skies tonight with lows in the mid-to-upper 40s.  Mid and upper level clouds will begin to increase after midnight from Pacific moisture aloft.  The winds will also be shifting from east to north-northeast by Thursday morning.

(1/27/2011): Mid and high clouds will be moving in early Thursday morning, and remaining there for the day.  This will cause temperatures to stay cooler than potential highs.  Afternoon highs will be in the upper 60s, that may possibly reach the lower 70s.  High pressure that was causing winds out of the northeast will push east into the Gulf of Mexico, but another high pressure will be sliding in from the north that will cause flow out of the east and southeast by Thursday evening.  Winds will be light at 5-10 mph.  Thursday evening, we’ll see partly cloudy skies with lows in the mid-to-upper 40s with southeast winds at 4-9 mph.

(1/28/2011): A surface ridge will be sliding into the central Gulf of Mexico, causing our wind flow to be out of the south at 8-13 mph on Friday.  Temperatures will rise to the lower-to-mid 70s with this flow. Skies will be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy.  Friday night will be cloudy with lows in the mid-to-low 50s.

(1/29/2011): On Saturday, a mid/upper level trough will be moving over the RGV, from Mexico, that will enhance lifting at the surface and provide a chance of precipitation.  I do not expect a lot of rain out of this (if any falls at all in your area) and I’m only giving a 20% chance of rain Saturday and 30% Saturday evening.  If anything does fall, it will be light.  Afternoon highs will be in the lower-to-mid 70s under cloudy skies.  Winds will be out of the southeast at 10-15 mph.  Saturday night will be cloudy, with isolated shower (20%) ending by midnight.  Lows will be in the upper 50s/lower 60s with southeast winds.

Edinburg 3-day Forecast:

(1/27/2011): 68/47….Mostly Cloudy…Winds NE at 5-10 mph
(1/28/2011): 71/46…Mostly Cloudy…Winds SE at 8-13 mph
(1/29/2011): 73/55…Cloudy…20% chance of light rain….Winds SE at 10-15 mph.


Figure 1. 500mb Map from GFS model valid Sunday 00Z (Saturday night at 6 pm). Trough is circled in yellow. Colored shadings are jet streaks at 500mb. Bold black lines are isoheights. A dip in isoheights is called a trough.



Yet more snow is falling in the Northeast.  Surface low that rode up the east coast is now just off the coast of DE.  A plethora of snow stretches from VA to ME at this time.  Areas in this snow line could receive close to a foot of snow!  Below are some snowfall totals (in inches) courtesy of HPC from this storm.  This low will not be making a direct hit with the northeast, but will still drop inches of snow to coastal areas.

Figure 2. Current RADAR and surface fronts (HPC). Yellow lines are lines of constant temperature. Bold yellow line is the 32 degree line.

MOOSUP                                3.2
WEST HARTFORD                         1.5                     

WILMINGTON                            4.3                     

CADIZ 4 SW                            6.4
HOPKINSVILLE 2 N                      6.2
CENTRAL CITY                          5.5
MORTONS GAP                           5.5
NEBO                                  5.5 ESTIMATED
OWENSBORO                             5.1
ROCKPORT                              5.1
ABERDEEN                              5.0
NORTONVILLE                           5.0 ESTIMATED
PHILPOT                               5.0
KELLY                                 4.6                     

WESTHAMPTON                           3.1                     

MANCHESTER 1 SSW                      5.6
KINGSVILLE 3 NNE                      5.0
ROSEDALE 1 NNE                        4.7
EKLTON 4 NNW                          4.5
BALDWIN 3 WNW                         4.0                     

MOUNT MITCHELL STATE                  8.0
CRESTON                               3.5
WHITETOP 1 S                          3.5
ASHLAND                               3.0
FLEETWOOD 3 SE                        3.0
PINEY CREEK 2 SW                      3.0                     

HOPEWELL                              5.0
LEBANON                               5.0
SOMERSET                              5.0
EWING TOWNSHIP 1 ESE                  4.9
BRANCHBURG PARK                       4.8
SOMERVILLE                            4.3
TRENTON                               3.8                     

...NEW YORK...
BEDFORD PARK                          3.8
ELTINGVILLE                           3.5
JFK AIRPORT                           2.3                     

EAGLEVILLE                            6.1
EXTON                                 6.0
MYERS TRACT                           6.0
NEW LONDON TOWNSHIP 1 W               6.0
SPRING CITY                           6.0
ROYERSFORD                            5.8
WEST CHESTER                          5.8
KING OF PRUSSIA                       5.6
PHILADELPHIA INTL ARPT                2.9                     

BURRILLVILLE                          3.0
LITTLE COMPTON                        3.0
SOUTH KINGSTOWN                       3.0                     

DOVER                                 5.0 ESTIMATED
ASHLAND CITY 5 NW                     3.5
FAIRVIEW                              3.0 ESTIMATED
HENDERSON 1 E                         3.0
MCKENZIE                              3.0 ESTIMATED           

BLAND                                 5.0
FLATRIDGE 3 SE                        5.0
SUGAR GROVE 6 E                       4.0
INDEPENDENCE                          3.5
WHITETOP                              3.5                     

PICKENS                               7.0 ESTIMATED
MEADOW BRIDGE                         6.5
BABCOCK STATE PARK 4 SE               6.0
HARMAN                                5.0 ESTIMATED
NETTIE                                5.0
BECKLEY                               4.0
HERNDON 3 NW                          4.0
KEYSTONE 3 SE                         4.0
SANDLICK 3 NE                         4.0                     

Courtesy of HPC. Snowfall in inches from 7:00 pm EST Jan 25 through 3:00 pm EST Jan 26.

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