White Northeast


Here are today’s high and low temperatures:

Brownsville:  70/54
Harlingen:  71/49
McAllen:  69/53

Today was mostly cloudy with mid and high clouds from Pacific moisture from an upper level low over Baja California.  This will keep skies mostly cloudy for tonight and the weekend.  Lows tonight will be in the mid-to-upper 40s with winds out of the southeast at 5-10 mph.

(1/28/2011): Tomorrow, we’ll see persistent mid and high level clouds with a few breaks here and there; it won’t be overcast.  Afternoon high temperatures will be warm and in the lower-to-mid 70s.  Winds will generally be out of the south-southeast or southeast at 8-13 mph.  Tomorrow night will be mostly cloudy with lows in the mid-to-upper 50s. Winds will be out of the southeast at 7-12 mph.

(1/29/2011): On Saturday, an upper-level trough will begin sliding towards the RGV, increasing lower-level clouds and precipitation chances.  However, I do not believe any measurable precipitation will be falling in the Valley, meaning, light rain and sprinkles will be falling, if anything does fall.  All measurable rain will be falling north of the RGV.  Afternoon highs on Saturday will be in the mid-to-upper 70s, with windy, southeast winds at  15-20 mph, gusting to 30 mph in areas.  Saturday night will be cloudy with a chance (20%) of a light shower/drizzle.  Lows will be in the upper 50s/lower 60s.  Winds will be calming down between 5-10 mph.

(1/30/2011): Sunday will start off mostly cloudy in the early morning, then partly cloudy in the afternoon.  It looks to be a warm one, with afternoon highs in the upper 70s/lower 80s!  Winds will start off out of the southeast, then during the early evening, winds will be easterly at 5-10 mph.  Sunday night will be partly to mostly cloudy with lows in the mid-to-upper 50s/lower 60s.  Winds will shift again out of the southeast after midnight.

Edinburg 3-day Forecast:

(1/28/2011): 74/45…Mostly Cloudy…Winds SE at 5-10 mph
(1/29/2011): 76/56…Cloudy…20% chance of drizzle…Winds SE at 15-20 mph, G30
(1/30/2011): 80/59…Mostly Cloudy…Winds SE at 5-10 mph


….Ohio Valley…

A band of snow that stretches from Lake Erie to IN will continue moving southeast tonight, dropping a few inches in its path.  A vorticity max from a 500mb trough is causing the precipitation to fall over this area and will eventually sweep through KY, VA, and NC by tomorrow and tomorrow evening.


The good news for the Northeast is that snow has stopped falling in most areas.  The big question is:  for how long?  No BIG amounts of snow are forecast to fall for the next 3 or 4 days, but there will be isolated snow showers from another low, coming from the west (MI area).  Although this won’t drop 12″+ of snow,  it will continue to make roads and walk areas slick, not to mention more snow to pile up.  Here are some snow amounts (in inches) from the resent storm in the northeast (7:00 pm EST 1/25/2011 through 9:00 am EST 1/27/2011):


WALTHAM 1 NNW                         2.8
PORTLAND - RIVERTON                   2.5
SANFORD 4 SE                          2.0                     


STAFFORDVILLE                        19.0
NORTH HAVEN                          18.5
NEW CANAAN                           18.0
MOOSUP                               17.5
WEST NORWALK                         17.0
EAST KILLINGLY                       16.5
TOLLAND                              16.0
MIDDLETOWN                           15.0
MANCHESTER                           14.8
BRISTOL                              12.0                     

NATIONAL ARBORETUM                    3.4                     

HOCKESSIN                            12.1
NEWARK                               11.5
BEAR                                 10.4
WILMINGTON                           10.4
BLACKBIRD                             8.9
DOVER                                 3.4                     

BIRDSEYE                              5.0                     

CADIZ 4 SW                            6.4
HOPKINSVILLE 2 N                      6.2
CENTRAL CITY                          5.5
MORTONS GAP                           5.5
NEBO                                  5.5 ESTIMATED
OWENSBORO                             5.1
ROCKPORT                              5.1
ABERDEEN                              5.0
NORTONVILLE                           5.0 ESTIMATED
PHILPOT                               5.0
KELLY                                 4.6                     

MILFORD                              16.4
MILLBURY                             15.7
GLOUCESTER                           14.0
NORTH ATTLEBORO                      13.0
WORCESTER                            12.3
HAMPDEN                              12.0
SOUTH BOSTON                         11.5
FRAMINGHAM                           10.9
WEST SPRINGFIELD                      7.5
GOSHEN                                7.0                     

SCARBORO 2 E                         15.5
GARRISON 1 SE                        13.4
PIMLICO                              13.0
WINFIELD 3 SE                        12.7
POINT OF ROCKS                       11.2
SAVAGE 2 SW                          10.5
CUMBERLAND 1 SSE                     10.0
ELKTON                                8.5
BWI AIRPORT                           7.6
ANNAPOLIS 1 NW                        6.5                     

MOUNT MITCHELL STATE                  8.0
LANSING                               7.0
ASHLAND                               6.5
JEFFERSON                             5.5
CRESTON                               3.5
WHITETOP 1 S                          3.5
FLEETWOOD 3 SE                        3.0
PINEY CREEK 2 SW                      3.0                     

SOUTH HUDSON                          9.0
HAMPTON 1 NNW                         8.5
NASHUA                                7.1
LONDONDERRY                           6.3
MANCHESTER                            5.0
EAST ALSTEAD                          4.0
EAST LEMPSTER                         3.5
HENNIKER 1 SSE                        2.8                     

CLIFTON                              19.0
NEWARK AIRPORT                       18.9
HILLSBOROUGH                         17.7
EDISON                               17.5
GIBBSTOWN                            17.2
BLOOMFIELD                           16.5
STEWARTSVILLE                        15.5
ELIZABETH                            14.6
FLEMINGTON                           13.5
SICKLERVILLE                         12.0                     

...NEW YORK...
NYC CENTRAL PARK                     19.0
PELHAM PARKWAY HOUSE                 18.0
NORTHPORT                            16.5
LONG BEACH                           15.9
STATEN ISLAND                        15.0
BRONX                                14.7
ARMONK                               14.5
ISLIP AIRPORT                        13.7
MASSAPEQUA                           11.0
NYC/JFK AIRPORT                      10.3
HARRIMAN                              8.2
LAGRANGEVILLE                         5.5                     

SOMERTON                             17.3
BENSALEM                             16.9
WYNNEWOOD                            16.3
DREXEL HILL                          15.3
PHILADELPHIA INTL ARPT               15.1
NEW HOLLAND                          12.0
ALLENTOWN                            11.6
HUFFS CHURCH                         11.1
BETHLEHEM                            11.0
RAINSBURG 9 S                         8.2                     

HARRISVILLE                          15.8
WOONSOCKET                           14.2
WEST WARWICK                         13.0
CHARLESTOWN                          11.0
NORTH PROVIDENCE                     10.5
CRANSTON                             10.0
BARRINGTON                            9.0
NARRAGANSETT                          9.0
MIDDLETOWN                            7.0                     

DOVER                                 5.0 ESTIMATED
ASHLAND CITY 5 NW                     3.5
FAIRVIEW                              3.0 ESTIMATED
HENDERSON 1 E                         3.0
MCKENZIE                              3.0 ESTIMATED           

LUCKETTS                             12.5
LINDEN 2 N                           11.1
FISHERSVILLE                         10.0
GROTTOES                             10.0
WASHINGTON DULLES                     9.0
GAINESVILLE 2 SSE                     8.6
STAUNTON 2 N                          8.5
RAPHINE 3 W                           7.0
TOMS BROOK 3 SSE                      6.8
REAGAN NATIONAL ARPT                  5.0
ARLINGTON                             4.0                     

SOUTH NEWFANE                         2.5                     

FRANKLIN 1 W                         10.5
SMITH CROSSROADS 1 W                 10.4
ROMNEY 3 E                           10.2
SHEPHERDSTOWN 1 NW                   10.0
SHORT GAP 2 NNE                      10.0
KEARNEYSVILLE                         9.0
KEYSER 2 SW                           8.6
BAYARD                                8.0
ELKINS                                8.0
LEHEW 2 WNW                           8.0
MCGEE 2 NW                            8.0
BUNKER HILL                           7.8
PICKENS                               7.0 ESTIMATED
*Courtesy of Hydrological Prediction Center (HPC)*

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