Colder Days Ahead!


There is a lot to discuss, weather wise, for the RGV for the next 3 or 4 days.  Please bear with me as I try to provide the necessary information that you need to know for the rest of the week.  Please tune in to the local news and the National Weather Service for more, in depth information.

Here were today’s high and low temperatures for the RGV, with highest wind gusts:

Brownsville:  72/60, G36 mph
Harlingen:  70/63, G44 mph
McAllen:   71/64, G41 mph

The National Weather Service in Brownsville has issued a Wind Chill Warning, Wind Chill Watch, a Hard Freeze Warning, and a Hard Freeze Watch for the entire Rio Grande Valley.

A Wind Chill WARNING means  WIND CHILL VALUES are expected to fall below 20°F for at least 3 hours and the potential for serious frostbite if outdoors.  The Wind Chill Warning is in effect from MIDNIGHT TONIGHT TO 9 AM WEDNESDAY MORNING.

A Wind Chill WATCH means dangerous WIND CHILL VALUES at or below 20°F for at least 3 hours are possible for the next day or two.  The Wind Chill Watch is in effect from WEDNESDAY EVENING THROUGH THURSDAY MORNING.

A Hard Freeze WARNING means a potentially devastating freeze is likely during the next 24 to 48 hours.  This means at least 2 hours with AIR TEMPERATURES BELOW 28°F and AT LEAST 8 HOURS BELOW 32°F.  The Hard Freeze Warning is in effect from MIDNIGHT TONIGHT THROUGH 10 AM WEDNESDAY.

A Hard Freeze WATCH means a potentially devastating freeze is likely during the next 24 to 48 hours.  This means SEVERAL HOURS with AIR TEMPERATURES below 28°F, which could kill plants and crops.  The Hard Freeze Watch is in effect from WEDNESDAY EVENING THROUGH THURSDAY MORNING.

Tonight will be cold, especially after midnight!  Temperatures will be dropping into the mid 30s for much of the Valley, lower 40s for areas near the coast.  Skies will be partly cloudy, with winds from the north at 15-20 mph, making the cold seem colder. Please try and stay warm!

(2/2/2011): Wednesday morning will be cold! Morning temperatures will range from mid 20s to mid 30s around the Valley.  Mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies will allow afternoon high temperatures to reach the mid 40s.  Winds will still be strong out of the north around 15 mph, making it feel like the 30s!  Wednesday night into Thursday morning will be the coldest temperatures of the season!  Wednesday night will be mostly cloudy, then turning cloudy around midnight. Wednesday night lows will be in the upper 20s/lower 30s! Wind chill values will range from 15 to 20°F!  Please keep pets, plants, and pipes in mind when dealing with cold temperatures like these.

(2/3/2011): Thursday will be the coldest day of the week!  Thursday morning will start off with dangerously low temperatures for the Rio Grande Valley, in the mid-to-upper 20s!  Wind chill values will range from 10-20° in the morning.  I expect every single area in the Valley to be below freezing on Thursday morning, until the sun rises.  Afternoon high temperatures will make it up to the mid-to-upper 30s, but skies will be cloudy and winds will be out of the north around 15 mph.  It’s possible for some areas in the Valley to stay in the lower 30s throughout the day.  There is a slight chance (20%) of drizzle throughout the day from a mid-level trough and surface low.  Thursday evening, the chance for wintry precipitation increases (40-50%) for much of the central and eastern Valley.  Areas near the coast will most likely see freezing drizzle Thursday night/Friday morning (up to .25″ of ice is possible)!  This will make road conditions slick and very difficult to drive on! Please use extreme caution IF you MUST drive!  The mid and upper Valley will most likely see a mixture of sleet/ice/snow.  Roads will still be dangerous to drive on! It is possible that a very small amount of sleet and snow accumulations may occur.  Temperatures will be in the upper 20s/lower 30s with northerly winds at 9-14 mph.

(2/4/2011): Friday morning could be messy.  Roads may be icy and slick.  Lingering frozen precipitation may be in the area, clearing by midday; schools most likely closed for the day.  Skies will remain mostly cloudy, clearing by early afternoon.  Afternoon high temperatures will be in the lower-to-mid 40s with northerly winds making it seem colder at 10-15 mph.  Friday evening will be clear, with lows in the lower-to-mid 30s.  Winds will finally be calming down from the north to near calm.


Edinburg 3-day Forecast:

(2/2/2011): 44/29…Partly Cloudy to Mostly Cloudy…Winds N at 15-20 mph
(2/3/2011): 36/24…Cloudy…20% chance of drizzle (day)…40% chance of wintry mix (evening)…Winds N at 12-17 mph.
(2/4/2011): 45/26…Mostly Cloudy to Mostly Sunny…20% chance of wintry mix (morning)…Winds N at 5-10 mph.


This winter storm has affected and will affect over 100 million people in over 33 states and will travel over 2100 miles from Tuesday through Thursday.

Midwest & Ohio Valley…

A large swath of snow, freezing rain and sleet continues to move across the Southern Plains to the Midwest and Ohio Valley.  An area of low pressure, located in the S.E. tip of MO will continue progressing toward the N.E.  Because the warm sector of the low will be moving through this area, sleet and freezing rain will be the outcome for states such as MO, IL, IN and OH, continuing into PA.  Here are what a few National Weather Service offices around the Midwest and Ohio Valley say about the Winter Storm:

Figure 1. From the National Weather Service in St. Louis, MO

Figure 2. From the National Weather Service in Northern IN

Figure 3. From the National Weather Service in Indianapolis, IN


The threat for severe weather persists into tonight and early tomorrow as warm, gulf air rides over very cold, arctic air.  Very strong vertical wind shear is present in the warm sector of the low.  A very strong mid-level jet and high dew point temperatures are key ingredients for the severe weather.  Damaging winds are the main threat at this time, but isolated tornadoes and damaging hail are possible along this front.

Here are some snowfall totals with this winter storm, thus far:


BELLA VISTA                           4.0
BENTONVILLE                           4.0                     

POPLAR GROVE 4.8 NNE                  4.5
QUINCY                                4.5
WINCHESTER                            4.3                     

GARNETT                               9.5
OTTAWA                                8.5
EUREKA                                6.0
WICHITA 7.1 ESE                       5.0
CHEROKEE 0.3 N                        4.0
LIBERTY 3.2 WNW                       4.0
TOWANDA                               4.0                     

MORGAN                               11.0
MARSHALL 0.6 S                       10.0
BIRD ISLAND 9.0 NNE                   7.0
MONTEVIDEO 0.4 SSW                    5.3
MINNEAPOLIS                           4.7
LAKEVILLE                             4.4
FOREST LAKE                           3.3                     

STOCKTON                             15.0
NEMO                                 14.0
COLE CAMP                            10.0
CROSS TIMBERS                        10.0
WILLARD 6 NNE                        10.0
HIGHLANDVILLE                         7.0
ALDRICH                               6.0
CARTHAGE                              6.0
PARIS                                 6.0
SHOAL CREEK ESTATES 0.2 SE            6.0                     

CLOUDCROFT 4.9 NE                     5.2
ALBUQUERQUE 8.4 ENE                   5.0                     

OWASSO 1 W                           19.0
TULSA                                13.8
MIAMI                                13.0
VINITA                               12.0
HENRYETTA                            11.0
HOMINY                               11.0
NOWATA                               10.0
PRYOR                                10.0
WAGONER                              10.0
CLAREMORE                             9.5
OKLAHOMA CITY                         7.0                     

ABILENE                               6.0
ROBY                                  6.0
ALBANY                                5.0
BOONSVILLE 3 E                        5.0
JACKSBORO                             5.0
GRAFORD 8.1 ENE                       4.5
DECATUR                               4.0
FRIONA                                4.0                     

KEWAUNEE                              9.0
GERMANTOWN                            6.9
PELL LAKE                             6.8
MOUNT HOREB                           6.2
HARTLAND                              5.5
GREEN BAY                             5.0
HUSTISFORD                            4.5
DODGEVILLE                            4.0
PALMYRA                               4.0
WHITEWATER                            4.0
MILWAUKEE                             3.7

*Courtesy of HPC*


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