Rainfall From June 22, 2011-July 4th, 2011 In The RGV

Rio Grande Valley

I thought I’d give you an idea how much it has rained between the period of June 22nd of 2011 through July 4th, 2011 based on radar estimated rainfall.  Keep in mind, this is a 12 day period.  Most of the Rio Grande Valley has seen more rain in the past 12 days than in the last 9 months, combined!

Figure 1. Radar estimated rainfall amounts from June 20th through July 4th of 2011. This is only an estimate detected by the Brownsville radar.

Isolated areas around the Valley did pick up 10+ inches of rain in this period, but the resolution of the radar can’t always pick up on the isolated areas around the Valley.  As you can see in the image above, everyone in the RGV picked up at least 1 inch of rain over the past 2 weeks.  This will definitely help out our extreme/exceptional drought.  However, even with this amount of rain, drought conditions will continue to persist, as we are still well below yearly averages around the Valley.

The U.S. drought monitor issues out weekly outlooks that are available online every Thursday.  Below, was last week’s drought outlook, issued on June 28th, but released on June 30, 2011.  Therefore, it does not reflect any rainfall in the past 5-7 days.  I am optimistic that most of the Valley will not be in the “exceptional drought” in their outlook by this Thursday, July 7th.

Figure 2. U.S. drought monitor outlook for the state of Texas. It was issued on June 28, 2011, but released on June 30, 2011. Next update will be released on July 7, 2011.


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