Invest 90 (Updated:7/26/2011)

Figure 1. IR satellite imagery of the reformation of Invest 90 in the Caribbean. It will enter the Gulf of Mexico within the next 48 hours.

Figure 2. Latest (12Z 110726) forecast model tracks of Invest 90.

The tropical wave, invest 90L, has shown a little strengthening in the Caribbean Sea over the past 12 hours.  Although there is still little chance of development in the next 48 hours, there is still the possibility of tropical cyclone formation after 48 hours.  It is still too soon to tell right now.  It is still moving west-northwestward at around 10-15 mph, according to the NHC.  This area is very much worth watching over the next several days.

Figure 3. Mid-level wind shear. Invest 90 is moving into an area with less shear.


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