Breezy Tuesday For The Valley (8/9/2011)

Rio Grande Valley

A strong low level jet (LLJ) and a tight pressure gradient at the surface is causing some gusty winds in the Rio Grande Valley.  High pressure at the surface, located in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, and low pressure, located in the southern plains, are what causing the breezy conditions.  This is the exact set up that occurred many times between the months of March and May, of this year, which is why it was so windy during those months.

The 850mb LLJ at KBRO this morning was 30 knots and will/has been mixing down to the surface, adding to the gusty conditions.  The windy conditions should subside by the end of the week as the high pressure in the Gulf of Mexico will be weakening and pushing east.

Meanwhile, mid-level ridging over northern Texas/southern Oklahoma hasn’t moved much over the past few weeks and most likely won’t over the next few days.  Therefore, there is no relief in sight for a let down in cooler temperatures for the RGV.  The only chances of rain I see for the next 10+ days is from something tropical.  High temperature will be a little above average, in the triple digits over much of the Valley.  Only places that won’t see 100s will the extreme Cameron and Willacy Counties.

Figure 1. 850mb 12Z 8/9/2011 upper-air data. LLJ over KBRO is 30kts, mixing to the surface.


Figure 2. Current (12Z) surface analysis. Tight pressure gradient from high pressure in the Gulf of Mexico and low pressure in the Plains are what causing the breezy conditions.


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