Start of May 2013: Winter Still Not Over for Some.

*Written April 30, 2013*

Some record cold temperatures will be possible for parts of the Southern and Central Plains in the next few days.  An unseasonably strong cold front will be sweeping through Wednesday/Thursday, dropping temperatures into the 30s, and even into the 20s for some areas by Thursday night/Friday morning.  Behind the cold front, a mid-and-upper level storm system will cause snow to fall and be a threat, especially for the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma and areas of  central and southern Kansas.  Not only will record low temperatures be possible, but record daily snowfall amounts could also be measured and recorded.

NWS Amarillo has issued Freeze Watches and Hard Freeze Watches for many of their counties. They expect up to 3 inches of snow to fall in northeastern Panhandle of Texas Wednesday night into Thursday. Other Weather Forecasting Offices are calling for a light dusting to an inch of snow in places in Oklahoma and Kansas. Snowfall totals could rack up more, the farther north you go.

As far as record setting cold, many stations expect to be near or set record cold temperatures Thursday and Friday.  Oklahoma City, for example, may not only set the coldest daily low temperature, but also the all-time coldest high (44F) and coldest low temperature (32F) for the month of May (table below).

Little is still known about how much of a spring the Plains will have, especially after this cold blast in a few days. Though, I’m sure the cooler days will be welcomed and missed once the triple digit heat from summer rolls on in.

May records

May temperature Normals and Records for Oklahoma City (KOKC). The all-time record low and the all-time record coldest high temperature for the month of May could be broken this week.
Courtesy of: NWS Norman


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